Why Share Ideas?

Talkonomy is all about sharing and discussing ideas! However, this proposition seems to run against common intuition and popular wisdom for many. To start with, I have been an entrepreneur all my adult life and the most important lesson I learned so far is to never be secretive about my ideas! When we share our […]

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10 Fallacies about Ideas!


Yes, Talkonomy is all about ideas but do we understand ideas well enough to make them work for us and everybody? Here are some of the common fallacies about ideas… Ideas need to be guarded like gold or else someone might steal them. This is by far the most important fallacy about ideas! Winning ideas […]

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Anatomy of an Idea!

Anatomy of an Idea

What’s the best way to share an idea? Lets explore! From whatever I have learnt sharing ideas, every idea I share these days more or less follows this scheme. The Problem The Status Quo The Solution / Perspective The Advantages / Disadvantages / Implications Rationale: Your audience cannot appreciate your idea unless they understand the […]

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Introducing Talkonomy for Mobile

We are glad to announce the launch of Talkonomy for Mobile, a mobile and tablet friendly version of Talkonomy, that lets you browse, read, Fab and comment right from your mobile browser. After much deliberation and experimentation we decided to go with a consumption oriented approach to mobile devices. We wanted to keep it simple […]

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G = iC┬▓ – The Genius Formula

Albert Einstein

Many of you must be wondering what this familiar sounding yet elusive formula is? Well its none other than the Genius formula! Now whats the Genius Formula? Can ingenuity be quantified? Not really! But we believe there are some essential practices and patterns behind every genius and that those patterns are both tangible and repeatable. […]

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Why the Micro-Blog format?

Talkonomy Format

When we first started thinking about┬áTalkonomy and the idea to share and connect ideas, the first question to hit us was about the format to portray these ideas and opinions in an effective way. We started discussing various web content formats such as the rich document format common among blogs and e-zines, the web presentation […]

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The Story of Talkonomy

Stadium Gathering

A year back me and my friends got frustrated with the silly, noisy and spammy content on social networks and how these networks have evolved over time. Don’t get me wrong! We are not against social networks. They are good at keeping us close to our friends and family but are not suitable for all […]

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Hello world!

Hello World and welcome to Talkonomy, a new Web 2.0 Micro-Blogging network that cuts the crap and gives you the cheese. This blog would be the primary channel through which we will share news and information about Talkonomy with the world. Expect to see some interesting details about how we pulled it off and let […]

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