What is Talkonomy?

Talkonomy is a new place online to share, discover and discuss ideas!

How is it different?

Talkonomy is full of interesting corners (micro-topics) where similarly inspired ideas are shared and discussed. We believe such an arrangement puts every idea in context, fosters meaningful conversations and breeds even better ideas with time! It also connects these corners intelligently to help you explore and expand your interests.

How to create Topics on Talkonomy?

When you search for a topic and it does not already exist, Talkonomy prompts you to create it through the search widget itself. Just follow the prompt, give the new topic an appealing title and an apt description to create it. You can also set a relevant thumbnail to make the topic even more appealing. Please refrain from creating empty topics when you don’t yet have any ideas to share there. Barren topics will be removed without prior notice.

Why should I level-up before I can create Topics/Posts?

A non-zero cost for participation eliminates spam and makes this a friendly place for people with Ideas. All you need to do is ‘Fab’ the ideas you love from 5 different topics to cross Level 1 and converse around ideas on 5 different topics to cross Level 2 before you can post new ideas or start new topics on Talkonomy. Its a small cost to keep up the community spirit and help keep things clean.

Why are there size limits on Posts?

When brainstorming over this concept of sharing ideas, we realized that the best way to communicate one’s ideas is through a small and easily consumable prose along with relevant images and videos. Nobody wants to scan through a sea of text and summarize the key concepts from it! We thought It would be wise for you, the author, to summarize it for them. Moreover, this restriction also helps you focus on your principal idea and discuss other ancillary thoughts in subsequent posts or comments!

Why are there size limits on Comments?

We felt a comment needs to restrict its scope to the point of discussion and not wander around too much! How many times have we cursed those long comments! If something does not fit into a single comment you should either divide it into multiple comments for easier consumption or make it a post if it can stand on its own.

What about notifications?

Talkonomy automagically learns about your interest in a topic and notifies you through email when appropriate. Further, it also senses your disinterest in a topic and stops bothering you when you stay away from it. Subscription Management, Extinct!

Not working as expected?

Just refresh the page (F5) and try again! This should fix most problems! Still having trouble? Did you upgrade your browser to the latest version available? Are you using Internet Explorer? Make sure you are using at least IE 9! We recommend Google Chrome. Please update your browser to the latest version available to experience everything the Web has to offer! Still having problems? Let us know on the Feedback page and we will dig into it.


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