Why Share Ideas?

Talkonomy is all about sharing and discussing ideas! However, this proposition seems to run against common intuition and popular wisdom for many. To start with, I have been an entrepreneur all my adult life and the most important lesson I learned so far is to never be secretive about my ideas!

When we share our ideas, they bring us credibility, recognition and most importantly people will come back and tell us where we went wrong and add those missing pieces to make the whole thing worthy of execution! Unless an idea is shared, discussed and mated with others’ ideas you will hardly ever have something worthy of your time and effort. Literally all groundbreaking ideas build upon previously shared ideas.

On another note, 99% of people cannot execute their ideas! Ideation requires ingenuity and serendipity whereas executing them requires a lifetime of dedication, effort and sacrifice. More often than not, we may not be equipped or ready for such a commitment and responsibility. And for those 1% entrepreneurs who take it upon themselves to execute ideas, human life is finite and they themselves cannot execute more than 1% of their ideas. The rest 99% ideas die a desolate death in their minds. Imagine the power of all these 99% ideas from 99% people at everybody’s disposal! Might as well give our ideas a life of their own than kill them.

Over and above that, only a small subset of ideas are commercially viable but every idea is solving a problem and can become an important step for humanity when shared. Ex. goo.gl/hOXnMl (Non-Commercial) and goo.gl/d4HsMm (I cannot execute)

At the same time, sharing ideas doesn’t mean you are giving them away. In fact, you are asserting and claiming that you conceived the given idea first and will be counted as ‘First Public Disclosure’ in many jurisdictions including the USA for filing patents, etc. later!

Beyond all this, sharing ideas is a virtue far beyond anything I can describe here. Your ideas are your intellectual identity and your contribution to human endeavor and progress!

Come share your ideas and brainstorm with the world!

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