The Story of Talkonomy

A year back me and my friends got frustrated with the silly, noisy and spammy content on social networks and how these networks have evolved over time. Don’t get me wrong! We are not against social networks. They are good at keeping us close to our friends and family but are not suitable for all those things they are up to recently. We craved for a better place online where we could do more than just pass on gossip and spam.

We perceived a need and as entrepreneurs we have it in our blood to explore and create something worthwhile to address that need.

For an analogy we imagined us to be in a large stadium (The Internet) full of enthusiastic people trying to socialize, share thoughts and have fun. We tried to imagine what we would do, what everyone would do and how the whole place will evolve over time.

Stadium Gathering

Naturally the first thing we all would probably do is look around for people we may know and reach out to them. (That is exactly what has happened on the internet in the last decade with the advent of social networks. Everybody has found somebody to socialize with.) Then we would reach out to those who appear interesting and share a conversation with them. (Seek those wizards, celebrities and leaders and follow their thoughts and opinions. The current trend on social networks.)

But after that, we felt that we would actually move beyond people and seek themes and conversations that would interest us. The social scene would begin to organize and we will see many foci and corners emerge where themed conversations happen. We would then hop between the corners we like and also explore around to find those corners we may like.

This possibility excited us not only because its the most probable one but also because its the most promising one. It will lead to a place where everyone’s thoughts would be put in context and where Ideas would collide and lead to new possibilities.

We set out to build a similar place online, full of small corners where each has a theme and people come there to exchange similar ideas and opinions. We wanted to connect these corners intelligently so that people can easily explore and find other interesting foci.

So was Talkonomy born with many themed and interconnected corners. A place full of ideas and challenging opinions. And we designed it to be a no-brainer.

Simple. Sensible & Social.

Give it a try, spread the word and tell us how you like it!

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