Anatomy of an Idea!

What’s the best way to share an idea? Lets explore!

Anatomy of an Idea

From whatever I have learnt sharing ideas, every idea I share these days more or less follows this scheme.

  1. The Problem
  2. The Status Quo
  3. The Solution / Perspective
  4. The Advantages / Disadvantages / Implications


Your audience cannot appreciate your idea unless they understand the problem your are trying to solve. Thus it makes sense to start by describing the problem and discussing the available solutions. Do highlight the disadvantages / shortcomings of existing solutions / perspectives so as to sensitize your readers to the gaps in the current understanding / situation.


At this point, reveal your take on the problem and share your solution / perspective with your readers. Its imperative to state your idea clearly and not lead your readers astray.

In the end, discuss the advantages / disadvantages / implications of your idea and conclude the prose with some links to relevant articles / books that may be useful to those who want to dig deeper.

Images & Videos

It always helps if you can attach some sketches / pictures / videos explaining the problem or your solution or both. A picture is worth a thousand words and adds a sense of clarity and depth to your idea. In case of ideas concerning machines, technology, etc. a sketch is indispensable to explain your idea clearly.


You can search Google for relevant images and attach them after considering their license. Youtube has a lot of content too and there could be a relevant video out there that can help your audience understand the problem better.

Sketching Ideas

Coming to sketches, you can always hand draw something, scan it and attach it to your post but a digitally authored / edited drawing is much better if you can use tools like InkScape (Free), Illustrator or CorelDraw.

Illustrating Ideas

Creating simple drawings using InkScape is as easy as eating a pie and the following videos can help you get started with your first drawing. You can download InkScape here.

If you are stuck anywhere, remember Google is your best friend 🙂 .

Happy Brainstorming!

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