10 Fallacies about Ideas!

Yes, Talkonomy is all about ideas but do we understand ideas well enough to make them work for us and everybody?

Here are some of the common fallacies about ideas…

  1. Ideas need to be guarded like gold or else someone might steal them.

    Dragon Guarding Gold
    This is by far the most important fallacy about ideas! Winning ideas borrow a lot from other ideas and at conception are nothing more than seeds of unproven importance and viability. Moreover, execution has far more influence on the outcome than the idea itself. Unless an idea is shared, discussed and mated with other ideas you hardly ever have something worthy of execution and you cannot hatch good ideas in isolation.

    PS: Almost all noteworthy inventors share their thoughts prolifically and only guard execution and fabrication details.

  2. Ideas are dime a dozen!

    ideas are dime a dozen
    Most ideas may be worth nothing on their own but may make a difference when combined or incorporated into an important yet incomplete idea. All original ideas are worth sharing from this perspective.

  3. Ideas change nothing!

    Yes, mere ideas don’t change anything but everything starts from an idea. Ideas breed fresh enthusiasm, inspiration and hope. They tickle the status quo and help us look forward, dream and finally achieve. The PC you are looking at, the browser you are using and Talkonomy you are accessing were just ideas to start with.

  4. Nobody cares about my ideas!

    Who Cares
    While many may not care about your ideas, there are always those who do. For instance, when we were contemplating this idea about sharing ideas, we were constantly looking for thoughts and ideas to refine our approach and honestly Talkonomy benefited more from others’ ideas than our own. You need others’ ideas and others need yours.

  5. The Epiphany Moment

    Eureka Moment
    This is another fallacy about ideas that deserves special mention. Most good ideas lurk beneath the surface of consciousness for a good amount of time before they become clear to us and more often than not they are a product of persistence, exploration and conversation than wandering thought. So if you want to solve something – persist around that problem, explore other ideas and share your thoughts freely with others interested in the same issue to increases your chances of stumbling on a great idea.

  6. Someone, somewhere must have thought of it already!

    Newton Gravity - Obvious
    True and false! Most ideas appear obvious once conceived but the path that leads to them is not. It is natural to think that something so obvious must have crossed many minds before you and could have been explored or debunked already but its important to realize that you never know until you do your research. If Sir Isaac Newton dismissed the idea of Gravity as obvious and silly we would still be in middle ages.

  7. Are my ideas worth it? I am no expert!

    Wright Brothers
    Good ideas mostly come from everyday people and rarely from those experts we often look up to. Wright brothers were not experts in aeronautics! Attitude matters, neither qualification nor experience! Anyone can be creative!

    On the other hand, you are the best judge for your own ideas! Jot down your idea, do your research, visualize the intricacies and when you are convinced about your idea, go ahead and share it with as many people as you can. Remember that criticism is as important as support and thank all those critics for highlighting those gaps that you would have otherwise missed!

  8. Why bother when I am not going to take my idea forward!

    Why Bother?
    If you can think of something better, even if you are not going to build it, propose it or evangelize it, its worth sharing so that someone somewhere can take it forward and bring it to life. You and everybody will definitely benefit from a better car, home, pencil, governance, philosophy or whatever even if you are not going to explicitly profit from it. Moreover, the joy of coming up with exciting new ideas cannot be described here and you will know when you experience it 🙂

  9. I can brood over my ideas later…


    Ideas just like thoughts cross our minds in a flash and if we do not latch on to them and pen them down they are most possibly lost forever. We all come up with ideas all the time, its part of our behavior, but try recollecting some of them and you will know what I mean. The best time to pen down and share your ideas is when you have them on your mind. Don’t postpone your ideas and lose your intellectual identity!

  10. Patents, Copyrights, NDAs, … etc… etc…

    Patents Copyrights & NDAs
    These come much later and contrary to common belief mere ideas cannot be protected by law. Whether you are going to move ahead with your idea or not, you should first share it and gather broad feedback before investing anymore time (leave alone money) on it. Then when your idea matures into a tangible and workable solution, you can consult legal experts on ways to protect it. If you are thinking of these with just an idea on your mind, my friend, you are already wasting your time!

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